I am Annie. I was born and live in Bulgaria. I’m starting to write this blog the year I am about to become 44 y.o. I work as a programmer, but two things have always been a passion of mine – confectionery and traveling. The Cakevoyage project will combine them in one place in a fully harmonic manner. The idea was born naturally after I read “Life from Scratch”. The author, at some point in her life, embarks on an undertaking which she calls “Cook the World.” Every week she prepares a menu, which originates from different countries. This book inspired me a lot, and I decided to challenge myself and to make a cake from all the countries, mentioned in Wikipedia in alphabetical order, on a weekly basis. The roughly calculated endeavor should end in five years, but because I am strongly convinced that the road, not the destination, is important, this period is irrelevant to me. The only thing that matters is the step I will take towards my passion every week. I hope that my loved ones will not give up the sweet things, because they have been overwhelmed with them during my journey. I hope that my readers will actively give me directions and help me when it comes to choosing cakes. To reach more people, I will write this blog in two languages – my native Bulgarian and English.